...in uncertain times.


"I am not a psychic, I am not a spiritualist and I am not a charleton , I am a palmist. I read what's in your hand according to the lines that are on display" 

For over forty years Edward Pearce has read palms with unerring accuracy...for friends...for relatives and for those in need of a helping hand in uncertain times.

As a student of Mir Bashir way back in the 1970's, he was taught the geography of the hand by a master of the art and has never forgotten the lessons learnt.

Tall dark handsome strangers,  bevvies of busty beauties and crocks of gold don't really feature in most peoples futures...as much as they'd like them to....real life is a little more mundane than that. However if I were to see such an eventuality I'd surely tell you...but don't expect it.



Edward hand .1

A helping hand...

Since then much has changed but the core value of palmistry has remained. However, it is still an art that defies logic. How can the lines in your hand possibly reveal things about you that maybe even you don't know and how can they possibly predict your future?  

Well, the honest answer is, no one knows. There are countless cockamamie theories but none of them hold much water.

So perhaps it's best to leave the question hanging and just concentrate on the results.

pearce 1.


"You're a fantastic palmist, everything you predicted came true." L.Saha - Facebook.

"A most amusing reading that proved spookily accurate."  

L.Berekley, West Berks

"He warned me of some challenging times ahead - I wish I'd taken more notice"

M.Pendrell - Sussex



A genuine palm reading can be a rewarding experience for not only will it indicate possible futures but also forewarn you of possible  problems before they arise, so you're forearmed to deal with them.  



Of course nothing a palmist says is written in stone because the lines on you hand change but at the time of the reading they can often reveal extraordinary insights and might offer you a useful 'road' map as to your future.  

For an introductory reading:  Three things you might already know but three things you definitely won't...payment is at your discretion  

For a full reading including a look into your past and a more detailed look at your possible future there'll be a charge of £25 + petrol

For parties or particularly office parties where a palmist can offer terrific novelty value, terms are by arrangement.

Well dressed, well spoken and with impeccable manners, Edward Pearce provides a fine additional evening's entertainment and his rates are very reasonable.  



It's a legal requirement that I point out that palmistry is for entertainment only

Skype readings are also available by arrangement

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