Just when you thought it okay to venture outside now the pestilence is in retreat, the Commisars of  Climate want to send us all back inside again to help save the planet.

It didn't take them long to reconvene after the success of Covid, but now Covid is losing it's grip, they need a new weapon of control: a plan B that was plan A until  China came up with a more powerful solution.

As the heads of state gathered together on zoom at the behest of Jo Biden to discuss the climate...or, more realistically  talk about the weather... so it becomes clear that a return to normality isn't really an option.

These ghastly prophets of doom know perfectly well that science will have the answer within ten years and yet before unlimited clean and sustainable energy can be produced through LENR  or Cold Fusion via Tokamack (the multi-billion pound project being constructed in France) these appalling meglomania meddlers

want their due in taxes, reparations and enviromental paganism . 



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Volume 11 Issue 3

The Boot

100% pure malice


Bunter the Banker speaks his mind:


Bootanglo boot 3 Bootgreta.1

It's gorgeous Greta- schoolgirl prophet.

"Weather will run out in ten years unlees you do as you're told."


I don't know about you chaps but I've rather enjoyed working from home. Getting up at nine with a sweet cup of tea delivered by my maid. Then a spot of breakfast, some times kippers other times a full English...courtesy of my cook. A couple of hours running through some figures and  then it's time to join my lucheon club via zoom. We nitter and natter over our plates of venison or trout or some other deliciousness taking on board copious amounts of vintage vino and cognacs.  I then take a refreshing snooze before spending another hour or two with the figures before  a cup of tea and a sandwich and changing for an early dinner. I expect you chaps have a similar routine and feel as cheesed off as I do that we might soon have to return to work...what a swizz!

Chin chin


Talk about the weather

Scarring the environment with windmills, solar panels and  battery cars, when a genuine solution is just round the corner, is the height of folly ensuring future generations will look back on this time and consider it with the scorn it so richly deserves.

Height of folly



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