With rumours rampant that Mrs Princess Harry will be running for the Presidency in 2024, it's expected that the Queens favourite grandson will soon be performing  'first man' duties in the White House. 


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Volume 14 Issue 2

The Boot

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Those who thought the Royal Family to be just a glamourous confection on top of the governmental cake were shocked to learn that plans for the Queens grand daughter-in law, are well under way to resume governance over our former, now troubled colony.    

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Princess President of the USA?

The Royal family to resume governance of troubled former colony?

If it comes to pass (and why shouldn't it) it'll be seen as a major coup for the UK and a shot in the arm for our old colonial friends who seem to be running somewhat amok at the moment.

It is  hoped that, without a musket to be seen, Great Britain will take back control by proxy and prevent the American dream becoming an American nightmare from which we will all suffer.

The new American President and her first man 2024?


Bunter the Banker speaks his mind:

I don't know about you chaps but I'm getting a tad ticked off with being told what to do, what to say and what to eat. There seems not a day goes by when some beligerent windbag, black white, male femail or something in between ,isn't telling us that we've got everything wrong.

NO matter that we've all probably been about a bit, getting by and living a relatively law abiding, trouble free lives because those pipsqueaks on the higher moral mountain have decided our that behaviour, views and attitudes are wrong and have always been wrong.

So, repent you rotters, receive the hymn book from your righeous superiors and  and sing, sing, sing.

Another BOOT exclusive

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It's the lovely Lionel ...

"Unlock your sons and daughters weather is going to be lovely."

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