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Volume 14 Issue 5

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Scotland, where's the point?


Out of kilter

If I wasn't a Scot I'd be laughing right now at the sheer idiocy of our government thinking that Scotland  wiil be better off without the UK.

I'd  also be amazed at the gullibility of a population prepared to believe  such nonsense again

It's an attractive idea, Scotland, a free and independent  country, harping back to the days of William Wallace but those days are long since gone.

Today, although it pains me to say it, Scotland is far too economically weak to survive, let alone thrive in such a fast changing world.

The government would have you believe, that Europe and the UN will welcome us back with open arms. This is simply not true. We'd have to apply as a new state which could take up to eight years and we'd probably not receive any special considerations, presuming the Eurpoean Union even exists in eight years.

We'd lose the pound of course and have to import the Euro at enormous cost.

Even though they bleat on about our oil reserves in the North Sea, as if somehow they'll continue to balance our economy, ignoring the fact that present stocks will soon run out and any new stock, in terms of new oil fields will be further off shore and therefore will be considerably more expensive to access and operate. What's more, what they don't tell you is, that oil revenues over the last few years  have fallen well below any projected figures.

Even with UK subsidies the government already spend £billions more than  it raise in taxes, which means our national debt is already collosal and needs no further loading with vacuous, patriotic sound bites.  

Scotland is still a brilliant country, stuffed with brains and potential but the idea that it can survive as a sovreign state on whisky, shortbread and tartan is an idea stoked by politicians more concerned with their legacy than anything to do with the good of the country.   

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