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Hi my dudes and dudettes.

What a great night. The Brits, last week, stowed out with great British talent, fab songs, political speeches, four letter words and some really chucklesome moments from the host, who's name escapes me.  Anyway congratulations to all the winners.

Good to see my two old muckers Elton and Rod, still vertical and banging out the good stuff. Even more surprisingly , Little Ronnie Wood looked in fine fettle, fretting out some mean licks to the accompaniment of rock solid skins man, Kenny Jones

They took me back a few years, I can tell you. It seemed like only yesterday when I mentioned to Ronnie, that on the death of Brian, The Stones could do with a new axe man so he applied and got the job.

Equally with Rodders, the singing grave digger. When I heard him sing while digging my Aunty Vi's grave,

I knew he had a great career ahead of him and introduced him to my old friend Long John...the rest as they say....

So, there you are gang, news from the front line, until the next time...



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It's time for the record companies to open their wallets and pay Noel Gallagher and his brother Liam the hundred million Noel is asking to put the fabulous Oasis back together. The rock world has felt bereft of genuine talent since these modern day Gilbert and Sullivan's, parted on such acrimonious terms.

The wit and charm of Noel's music so readily captured by the catawauling of his brother Liam, were a clarion call to the kids in the 90's to revel in all the glories of gutter brew, graffiti and nylon parkas. 

How we miss those glory days, so unlike The Beatles, who they tried to bravely imitate and yet sadly failed  but somehow came up with  their own sound instead,  A sound  driven by a champaine super nova, and a cussing dislike for anyone not wearing nylon and a hood.  



It's a snip.

In the 90's, a desert of musical mediocrity, Oasis sparkled like a bottle of iced cool Perrier or was that Blur, I always get the two muddled up.  

The missing Brits

As fabulous as The Brits were, offering an array of glittering talent, including Little Mix and a whole host of, not quite yet, household names, there was one glaring ommission and that was The Struts, one of the finest young bands from the UK, although they're probably better known in France and USA than over here, as the music industry continues to ignore them; which is a pity because, they write brilliantly catchy songs and can all play their instruments ...oh yes, I forgot, that's probably why.  

The Union rocks 2

Gaylord's hot tip

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Eddy and Freddy..number 1 fun, this summer

The Teenioritas to headline Fester Fest?

The Teenoirs saucy new album cover.

The Cum Slutz mature new look

Summer rock sensation, Lucy Licks Livers in Fester Fest debut.