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The Memoirs of Danny Hill - international roue' of renown

Interesting Development in the High Street.

“The writing is almost flawless, the words only come from an accomplished writer, my interest didn't wane once.”

“I was roaring with laughter.”

“Very erotic but quite sad.”

“Entertaining and hilarious...fresh and original.”

“This piece will certainly give '50 Shades of Grey' a run for it's money.”

Extremely well written, witty narrative with a very likeable narrative voice.”

The prose has wit, charm and a confident voice. I enjoyed reading the sex scenes.

An ABSOLUTE original. Part Welsh and Nabokov, part Poe, Sheriffs will make you laugh, amaze you with his mastery of craft and, while charming you with his playful and extraordinarily inventive style, take you at times to very uncomfortable places. And you will go, willingly - if you're prepared to leave your comfort zone - because you will not be able to stop reading.


For readers who want fiction they've never read before, Interesting Developments in the High Street is for them. It is, in one word, brilliant...

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