As Tesco and Sainsbury's and other major retailers continue to ignore their core market this Christmas in favour of a more multi-cultural approach, will they see footfall decrease  and profits wobble?

It's all very well being 'seen to be 'woke' but in reality it doesn't play well in the world of cold hard profit and loss, as John Lewis will again be finding out.

The 'wokeness' has become a jokeness

Increasingly, watching the cringeworthy ads from these retailers and many others, you would think that England was a country of mixed marriages, mixed-up sexuality and, more importantly, minority white.


From Uber Eats to Vodaphone to Boots and many others, the market is jusat about covered and of course in the interests of diversity if  there is a white man or woman caught in shot, there are at least an equal number of multi-culturals  in the background to balance them.

All this would be understandable maybe if the black population  were growing increasingly prosperous but according to groups like Black Lives Matter, they're not, they're struggling under oppression and having to kneel at football matches even to be allowed to play*.

So why suddenly all this attention on diversity from the advertising  and marketing men? Could it be that instead of flogging product they've been tasked with social engineering on behalf of their globalist paymasters?

A new black market?



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