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Volume 14 Issue 2

The Boot

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'Quorn fed parrots'


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Anyone thinking the troubles in Bristol were spontaneous outrage against some  draconian  government directive, need only to look towards the USA to see where the ferment comes from.  Behind all the useful idiots, intially gathering for a peaceful protest, were paid members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both fascist organisations masquerading as libertarians.  

These fascists don't want to kill the bill, they simply want to inflate the narrative, spark the violence and subsequently  increase police powers until the whole country is in turmoil, and their globalist paymaster can assume control.

Those behind all this worldwide unrest know perfectly well the power of mobocracy  in Western Europe, (not so much in China where mobs are simply mown down} but in Europe we bow down to mobs, we bow down to vocal minorities, we bow down to intolerance at every level.

We take  the knee, we apologise, we remove statues and even restrict our language so as not to offend  the minority mob, chanting  their three or four word slogans like quorn fed parrots.

The more these morons mob, the more government we get . They've already delayed the unlock by months and invited increased police attention and intereference in everyday life. For all their bawling and booing they're encouraging a police state...but of course that's the point, only these self-rightous foot soldiers are too stupid or blind to see it.   

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Bawling and booing