Insignia DOBO Boot 8

Old people if it's cold, remember to put your clothes before you go outside.

Issued on behalf of HM DOBO.- The Department of the Bleedin' Obvious.



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Christmas special

The Boot

100% pure malice

Isadora, I adore ya

morning  noon and night.

On Christmas day,

I have to say your presents do delight.

Excerpt from The Erotymas - by Charles Mortimer 1863


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Not Bazz Bazzley

Here at The BOOT we think it important that we celebrate the glories of the English language and those who use it to such charming effect, namely our poets.

We believe this seminal project will not only introduce many to the joys of the poetic word but also act as the vital catalyst for further discovery.

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A super Santa sizzler