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Christmas special

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It's down on the farm with Eddie Pigchickens

Every year The Boot travels down to meet Eddie Pigchickens, the UK's only vegetarian farmer, on his farm in North Devon, to find out what he and his lovely wife do at this special  time of year, and to catch up on all the latest agricultural news and goss..

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The UK'S only vegetarian Farmer

Well hello my lovelies, I can tell you a lot has been happenin' since we met last year. I've had interest from all over the world concerning my vegetarian livestock. People can't believe how good my animals taste, just like the real thing they tell me.

That's because they are the real thing but because I feed them on vegetables, they produce meat vegetarians love. I can't think why no one's done it before.

And don't forget my Twizzlers - best part of the turkey

My lovely wife loves it. She cooks up a lovely dinner she does, full of our own produce including a tasty vegetarian turkey with all the trimmin's

I've also created, for this year a Turkey you can stick in the microwave. Four  minutes at 900c, cooked to a T

How lovely is that?

Soft, white and juicy, bootiful

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After dinner I likes to leave the washin-up to the lovely Misses Pigchickens and take a stroll down to see my charming young neighbour with a bottle of strong cider. We loves it we do...

The lovely Misses Pigchoickens

My charming, young neighbour

...and we talk ploughing. She likes a good plough she does, likes to get down and dirty in the mud like I do.  

A deep plough is very important for the crops as I'm sure you appreciate.

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After we've had a good drink and chat, I return to the wife and have a snooze before waking up for tea and a lovely slice of Christmas pud.

Happy Christmas to you all

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