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Volume 14 Issue 2

The Boot

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Your one stop shop for all you gender needs

At Wokerypokery.com, we recognise everyone is different that's what makes us different

We've managed to indentify one hundred and fifty genders. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have two hundred because we just love to sell you clothes, games and toiletaries that are all specially tailored to suit your paricular needs.  The more the genders the more our products fly off the hangers.

Just in:

BRAND NEW guilt free products.

Less white washing for you.


Wokery Pokery

Washing Powder

Everyone is welcome to shop at WokeryPokery.com, particularly Androsexuals, Ceterresesuals, finsexuals,synosexuals,transexuals, spacesexuals any sexual you like sexual, because you're bound to find something in our huge product range, to suit your particular sexual needs.

At Wokerypokery.com we love diversity. It certainly is our strength. The more the diversity, more the demand for bespoke products.  

We've reduced the whitening power of our powder

So, keep diversifying people,you're making my wallet and my kids fat


Not quite white paint

Now, feel comfortable painting your walls, knowing no one will feel uncomfortable  looking at them.


All black pieces on an all black board

Stress free Chess

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