The FACT CHECKERS assert that the USA Election wasn't stolen



Which means of course all those highy paid lawyers can be sent home and Uncle Joe can now start moving into his new accomodation confident that the nation really did vote for higher taxes, lower growth, increased unemployment, more foreign conflicts, open borders,  and a vast influx of new settlers from all over the world.

The relish of the rags.

Of course none of this would matter much if the UK's media hadn't allied itself  so much with the opposition and encouraged nonsenses like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to take root over here.

They were even complicit in the tearing down of statues, another poisonous trend  started in America. Their faux outrage merely disguising a broad smile as they continue to  line the UK up for a similar coup.

Lead by the egregious Independant and the grotesque Guardian- the limp wristed lettuces of the broadcast media, suitably rewarded by  Soros, Murdoch and the rest of the globalist goonies, continue to engineer an early election in order to rid the UK of Boris and the Tories and install a far left junta as a precursor to similar arrangements, (already installed  in the USA) soon to be installed  worldwide.



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