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Did you hear about that old coot Cuomo, New York's Mayor, getting an Emmy for his communications during the Corona crisis.? Crazy or what ? Perhaps though, if the Emmy boys are handing out their baubels to liars, losers and lunatics, we should ressurect Lord Haw Haw for a posthumous award.

What do you think?




Ere Bazz

What's happened to Boris?

I know he's got that bint Carrie in his ear 'ole, twenty-four seven, nagging him into the wet grass of the greens but I thought he had more bottle than to go along with her and her crazies. Tell him Bazz, I ain't voting Tory no more until he starts kicking Britain back into business.





Dear Bazz

I don't know about you but I'm in tears with all these tiers.

I don't know what tear I'm in. Am I weeping or sobbing, snivelling or simply crying?  It's all got too much for me Bazz. I tell you what, I'm never having another Chinese take-away.


Ruth. x

Dear Bazz

I think those monoliths, now in Romania, and California finally prove we are not alone.  So, it's high time the government revealed all that it knows about UFO's and the alien slave camps they're running beneath the Pennines.  They think we don't know but we do now and these monoliths confirm it.  

Come on HM Gov, spill the beans .


Rolf G


Hi Bazz

I got a great recipe for you, my old nan taught it to me. Open a can of baked beans, heat them up, and then serve on warm or cold buttered toast. Amazing!



Dear Bazz.

You know how Christmas can often be full of rowing and ill humour. Well me and the wife have decided this year to speak only in the language of  Greeting Cards.  So when I say to her, 'Happy Christmas,' she might reply, 'Seasonal Greetings or Joyeux Noel' When I leave the house, I may say 'May warm thoughts of you follow me all the day.' and she might reply ' this house is not a home without you ' and so on.  We haven't had one cross word since doing this, so may I recommend  your readersl try it- after all, they're just friends I haven't met yet - if they'd like a really happy Christmas too.



Isle of Man



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