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Volume 14 Issue 2

The Boot

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Is it all pie in the sky or.....?

It's about time. At last it would seem The Pentagon is about to put some flesh on the bones of all those flying bowls and saucers, seen and filmed by people all over the world.


Are they just weather balloons, satellites, secret weapons or maverick climatic anomalies? Well,  hopefully we're about to find out as senior military, scientific and government personnel in America promise to spill the beans in a new no holds barred report due out in June.   

It would appear, apart from any legal obligation to reveal what they actually know, public pressure, since John Radcliffe, ex-Director of USA intelligence, admitted there were things going on up there they simply couldn't comprehend, has obliged them to give the public a gimpse inside 'The Blue Book'  revealing secrets previously thought too explosive for public consumption.  

Of course, no one expects full disclosure, whether aliens are working in Area 51 or not, will probably still remain a conspiracy point?  

Similarly, the Majestic Twelve and Ike Eisenhower's  supposed meeting with beings from another world will, no doubt, retain classified status but, it is hoped, that much won't, and at last we'll have a better overview as to

what is actually happening in the skies above us; with perhaps the contigent benefit of forging some much needed racial, sexual and environmental unity below.


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Which, for the cynics amongst us, might just be the point.


From Rendlesham to Rosewell and a zillion points in between, oddities in the sky and even on the ground, have evaded official recognition or public enquiry.    

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