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Established 1998

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Volume 14 Issue 5

The Boot

100% pure malice

If Socialism wasn't still mired in the mud of the nineteenth century; proseltyzing an undelying  political ideology so far removed from the twenty first century problems that it's become pretty much irrelevant to the vast majority of it's natural constituency, then it might still survive and prosper.

However, as it continues to take on board the short-term absurdities of all things 'woke the further it distances itself from government.

Boot Mactrump.1 Capture

No one wants to see their leader taking the knee in abeyance to some foul mouthed, marxist, minority pressure group, intent on destroying the UK from the inside.

Even the much despised Blair wouldn't go to such lengths while ignoring  the voice of  sensible, hard working voters, who simply haven't the time or the inclination to care.   

It might be heresy to suggest, but the left wing need to find a real champion, not in the mould of the egregious Corbyn or the atrophied McDonnel but someone who knows how to rally the people.

Currently unemployed and maybe looking for a job.

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump certainly knew how to deliver the crowds. So, instead of mocking him, it might behove the left to study him for his skill in winning over the grass roots workers of America and connecting with the people.   



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