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Volume 14 Issue 2

The Boot

100% pure malice


As the clock ticks down to the great unlock, so those dudes in denim are dusting off their drums, polishing  up their pedals  and stretching their strings to screaming point, in readiness to retake the stage when the big day comes.

Nothing has come to represent this lockdown more than the silencing of live rock. Sure, we've had our radios and record players and even You Tube  has done it's best to compensate, but it's all thin gruel when compared to the real thing, a real rock god serrating the riffs  out of the Rockin' Berries or The Shads. Man alive, how I've missed those thunder chords.


Funnily enough, I was chillaxing with my friend Mick of the Stones, over a couple of iced cold Mojitos, back in my crib, and he was saying he misses them too. He can't literally wait to get back out their and throw a few shapes to the throb of Keith's guitar.  So, it ain't all over quite yet  dudes, have faith  the gods of rock are reloading, ready to rock the roost off a venue near you soon.


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Gaylord Myspike

HI you crazy dudes and dudettes

I expect you've been wondering what I've been doing  since I last wrote. Well I can tell you I haven't been out and about in Barbados or Bali or mingling with my musical mates in their millionairre mansions .  

I, like you no doubt, have been chillin in my crib, hosting a series 'at homes' for rockers who have nowhere to roll at the moment. Cathy from the Cumslutz popped in for a cuppa mocca,  Mike popped in from Lucy Licks Livers as did The Teenoirs and we tossed around a few concepts for their new album.

That's my news gang . Hope you're all keeping well and keeping the faith.



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