They are everywhere; shaking their fists, spitting on the police, tearing down statues  and making ridiculous demands as if somehow they feel under threat.

Hardly a day goes by it seems when they can't be heard either screeching into phone in shows or screaming down the streets waving their flags and banners.  

They are, more often than not, either young, left wing and masked, or older, smug and intransigent and they are legion from Hollywood to St John's Wood and all points in between.

They are the dreaded WHITE SAVIOURS, an army of social justice warriors who believe that they uniquely understand the black experience and consequently dedicate themselves to starting wars and opening doors on behalf of people who are more than capable of sorting their own future out without help.

For a start it's so damn patronising, particularly in public life where every appointmen or award , political or cultural is tainted by some  affirmative action and immediately undermines their genuine achievement.

The gross assumption these white saviours make is that coloured races , particularly blacks, somehow need a leg-up, a helping hand and preferential treatment when it comes to  fuelling their ambitions or fulfilling their dreams.  

Surely to be on the receiving end of such patronage must undermine any confidence they might have in sorting out their own problems on their own terms.

It's not as if they have no positive role models, those who have achieved considerable success and respect without being encouraged to take to the streets; from James Baldwin to Muhammed Ali to Samuel S. Jackson  to say nothing of all the great singers and dancers who have made astonishing contributions to world culture without recourse to any White Saviours 'charity.'

The uncomfortable facts are that White Saviours, by treating the non-white population as second class class citizens, exhibit a deep seated racism far more pernicious than anything the far-right deliver with their ugly rhetoric .

What is even more egregious are the powerful white cabals who, behind the scenes,  relish the opportunity to exacerbate the grievances, to achieve their own sinister ends.  


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Damn Patronising !

Undermine confidence


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