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Volume 14 Issue 5

The Boot

100% pure malice

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You'll never want to go back to work when you know...



With lockdown virtually a thing of  the past, millions of you are  dreading a return to work, back to the old grind, back to breadline earnings BUT it needn't be like that because I'm going to share with you the secret that has inspired millions, all over the world to transform their lives, from mundane to millionaire without breaking sweat.  

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Imagine, if you could just walk out of your house and start earning money almost straight away, without having to sell anything. Imagine being in a pub, a wine bar, your favourite place to relax and the money just keeps rolling in, too good to be true? Not any more, not when you know the secret  

The Secret is a dazzling new cologne/perfume specially created by masters of the art in Grasse, South of France,  home of great perfumes. BUT that's not the secret, because the secret of the secret are the expetly selected pheremones included in the unique mix, to supercharge its unique  attraction.

The sweet smell of success.

To enjoy all the financial and social benfits  of the secret, all you need do is order four bottles, exclusively from us -The Secret isn't availble in any high street store - and introduce it to your new friends who will barely be able to keep their hands off you, such is the effect it will have on those who experience it's compelling allure.  

Grow your own secret business

The Secret

This isn't a get rich quick scheme. It isn't pyramid sales or even MLM (multi-level marketing).

It's Rhomboid Retail a brand new way of realising your dreams.



When your friends beg to buy a bottle, as they will, simply sell them four, so they can introduce their friends to the compelling allure of The Secret. For every four bottles you sell, you'll receive a generous commission and for every four bottles your friends sell (or friends of friends) you'll receive commission too, so the more The Secret spreads,

the more your profits will grow


"We know the secret"


"I knowt the secret"

Bootcash.4 Bootcash.4

Discover the secret for yourself and live your best life forever!